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BioSoil-C Rejuvenates Pond Soil

The intensive aquaculture practices would leads to degradation of pond bottom and the soil fertility. The natural food production in aquatic systems is essential for better survival and strength of the aquatic animal. The optimum C/N ratio need to maintain in the soil for improving the beneficiary microbes, zooplankton and diatom production. BioSoil-C relieves the stress on soils and refresh with all the primary nutrients require for natural food production and healthy bottom.


Carbon, Nitrogen and Trace Elements


  • Improving Zooplankton and Diatom population and water color
  • Enhances the aerobic microbial loads and sediment decomposition
  • Improves the survivability of shrimp
  • Prevents the bottom pollution and toxic gases

Suggested Usage

Pond Preparation: 50-100 Kg/Acre During the culture: 5-10 kg/Acre/Week or as suggested by Aquaculture Specialist


25 kg

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