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ChelCop Gel Removes Algal Blooms

Blue green algae, filamentous algae, free floating algae are a constant problem in aquatic environment. Some of the algae produces highly potent toxins like hepatotoxins, neurotoxins, non-specific toxins causing decreased performance and mortality in shrimps and fishes. Algae compete with aquatic animals for dissolved oxygen, nutrients etc., and causing retards the growth of aquatic animals. ChelCop Gel contains organic copper, which is produced using bio-technologically derived yeast. The organic copper in ChelCop Gel has higher bio-availability and better adsorption. ChelCop Gel acts faster and effectively against algal blooms in the aquatic environments.


Organic Copper with preservatives in a gel base


  • Clears all types of filamentous algae and blooms
  • Reduces fungal infections
  • Improves the Dissolved Oxygen levels
  • Removes bad odor
  • Minimizes the digestibility problems

Suggested Usage

1-2 kg/acre or As recommended by Aquaculture Specialist.


1 Kg

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