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Defensol Gel For Complete Immunity

Immunostimulant is a unique choice to control the disease in a natural way. Numerous polysaccharides and nutrients have the ability to stimulate immune system. Defensol Gel is a combination of glucans, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals and choline chloride which stimulates immunity in the shrimp.


β1,3 glucans, agglutinins, lipopolysachharides, peptidoglycans, mannoproteins, yeast nucleins, vitamin C, vitamin E, organic minerals like selenium, manganese and zinc, β carotenes, betaine, glycine, choline, methionine, vitamin B12 with special peptides in organic form.


  • Improves shrimp resistance
  • Minimizes Vibriosis and Loose shell syndrome
  • Improves the function of hepatopancreas
  • Maximizes feed intake and growth

Mixing Rate

5 – 10 g /kg of feed, twice a day or as recommended by Aquaculture Specialist.


500 g

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