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Magzyme Aqua Better digestibility and nutrient absorption

Feeding enzymes to aquatic animals are one of the major nutritional advances in the aquaculture sector. Supplementation with enzymes can help to eliminate the effects of anti-nutritional factors and improve the utilization of dietary energy and amino acids, resulting in improved performance of aquatic animals. Magzyme Aqua is a blend of compound enzymes and helps to enhance the utilization of dietary energy.


Amylase, cellulase, phytase, protease, β mannanase, β glucanase, pectinase, lipase and xylanase fortified with probiotics and microbial derivatives.


  • Maximizes feed digestibility
  • Enhances nutrient utilization and the growth
  • Maintains gut health condition
  • Minimizes the feed wastage

Mixing Rate

5 g/Kg/ton of feed or as recommended by Aquaculture Specialist.


1 Kg

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