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Octomin-9 The proteinated Minerals in Organic form

Shrimps has subjected to the periodical molting process and hence the bio availability of minerals for successful molting is very much essential. Due to high stocking and intensified shrimp farming practices, the supplementation of minerals is an urgent need to maintain the mineral balance in the aquatic systems. The proteinated organic minerals place a key role for inducing the periodical molting and growth since the bioavailability of trace minerals would be improved if they are provided in the organic form. Octomin 9 is a perfect blend of organic minerals which ensures maximum bio-availability of minerals to aquatic animal for better performance.


Macro, Micro and Trace minerals in organic form


  • Improves the bio mineralization, bio availability and periodical molting
  • Stimulates exoskeleton formation and growth
  • Improves natural food production and water color
  • Minimizes the loose shell, soft shell and cramping problems
  • Increases survivability of fish/shrimp

Suggested Usage

5 kg/acre or as recommended by Aquaculture Specialist.


5x5 kg

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