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Pro-B-Activa Microbial cultures fortified with enzymes

Pro-B-Activa contains probiotics, Enzymes in a buffered base with microbial growth factors and prebiotics which helps to reduce harmful microbial load and to maintain healthy pond environment.


Cellulomonas spp, Bacillus spp, Phenibacterium spp, Nitrosomonas spp, Nitrobacter spp and Xanthophyllomyceae spp  (B.coagulans, B.subtilis, Lactobacillus and Phenibacillus polymyxa), enzymes (protease, cellulase, pectinase, hemicellulase, β glucosidase, a galactosidase, a amylase, pullulanase, xylanase and β amylase) in a buffered base with microbial growth factors and prebiotics.


  • Minimizes harmful microbial load
  • Quickly decomposes organic waste and toxic substances
  • Maintains healthy pond environment
  • Maximizes disease resistance, survivability and yields
  • Improves the overall performance

Mixing Rate

250 – 500 g / acre or as recommended by Aquaculture Specialist.


500 g

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