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Promisol Aqua Reduces white gut/white fecal problems

Feed alone would not help better conversion and requires additives to facilitate the digestion and absorption of the feed nutrients to the maximum extent. Some non-therapeutic additives like organic acids, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, herbs, essential oils, immuno-stimulants have found themselves in the feed milling operation and found to be effective in rearing of animals. Promisol Aqua is a unique blend of and essential oils, organic acids and its salts fortified with herbal extracts. The product ensures improved performance of fish and shrimps by facilitating proper digestion and better nutrient absorption.


Essential oils, organic acids and herbal extracts


  • Minimizes incidences of white fecal/white gut
  • Maintains digestible pH (4.5 to 5.2)
  • Enhances immunity and improves survival
  • Facilitates in better minerals, nutrient absorption and pepsin digestibility
  • Improves FCR and promotes growth
  • Acts against the bacterial pathogens like Vibrio spp.
  • No need of binders

Mixing Rate

  • Mix 1 litre of Promisol with water and apply to the pond
  • Mix 15-20 ml/Kg of feed (Daily twice for about a week) or As suggested by Aquaculture specialist


5 Litre

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