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Provaxin WS For Complete Immunity

Provaxin is a synergistic adjuvant to live and killed vaccines. It also acts as an immuno- modulator for higher titers and longer immunity. It is a strong host immune response activator.


β1,3 glucans, manno proteins, lipopolysaccharides, peptidoglycans, electrolytes, buffers, trace minerals (zinc, selenium and chromium in organic form), pro-vitamin A, vitamin E & vitamin C with specific proteins in a fortified water soluble base.


  • Maximizes phagocytosis
  • Enhances natural immunity
  • Maximizes the strength and integrity of cell wall
  • Maximizes non-specific immunity
  • Maintains homeostasis
  • Improves vaccine titer

Mixing Rate

  • 5-10 g /100 starters / chicks
  • 10-15 g /100 finishers/ growers
  • 10-20 g /100 layers / breeders

as recommended by Veterinarian/Nutritionist.


1 Kg Container

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